Care for your pet!

The one who has a pet well knows how important daily care for him is.
The duty of the owner to take care of him. But it is not necessary to spend hours on it. With the right approach, daily care will not be burdensome for you.

A toilet for a cat or a small dog or a puppy refers to the basic equipment of each house. Here you will find different types of toilets, from closed toilets and trays to the highest demands of special toilets.

In addition, caring for cats and dogs also implies the cleanliness of their surroundings. You need to regularly clean their toilet and always put fresh water. Also, the bed for pets should always be clean.
After walking with your dog you need to wash  their paws. Do not forget about the need to wash your pet with the pollution, cut their claws and wool. In this you will benefit from our products for grooming

Care of the eyes and ears

Regular care of the eyes and ears should become the basis for caring for cats and dogs. Unfortunately, too often the owners neglect the care of their ears. However, who knows how much pets can suffer from ear pain, understands how important is just such care. In our store you will find everything to ensure that your pet has avoided problems with the eyes and ears.

Care of hair

You should pay attention to the fact that in the wool of your fuzzy knots are not formed, which, in extreme cases, you need to remove only using scissors. During moulting, you should often comb your cat or dog so that it does not absorb too much wool during cleaning.

Care for paws and claws

Once a week, trim claws for domestic cats and dogs. If you yourself want to do this, you should first observe the process with a specialist.

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